Leroy Brothers. Coding as a social & creative Inception. Bruxelles

Coding as a social & Creative Inception 

Leroy Brothers 

25 sept- 27 nov 2016

Ifa gallery, Bruxelles

The exhibition “Coding as a social & creative inceptions” is based on the online social network they launched, « Witness Your World ». “Art as a unique witness to our era”: imagined by the Leroy Brothers, the platform allows members to freely share their messages and photos. The works taken from the project “Witness Your World” are conceived as instantaneous mirrors of society, in which information of the immediate dominates. Played out by the artist trio, the final composition produces an unexpected and authentic artwork. They mark an era to remind us that artists work as a collective to change the reality of the image, while preserving their own distinct artistic language through the information contained within the image.

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