CV Leroy Brothers


Belgian brothers Nicolas (°1979), Gilles (°1978) and Gregory (°1975) are the creative minds behind the art collective Leroy Brothers. Nicolas studied Fine Art at Villa Arson (Nice, France) and at the London Metropolitan University (Sir John Cass Dpt.) while Gregory and Gilles are autodidact. After living and working for several years in Shanghai and currently in France, they recently reopened a studio in Belgium as well.


Witness Your World

Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Paris, 2016

Witness Your World: Testimonies of the Network Users

Spazio Borgogno (solo show), Milan (IT), 2015

3 Generations of Belgian artists: Paul Delvaux / Wim Delvoye / Leroy Brothers

At The Gallery (group show), Antwerp (BE), 2015

Dissections in the Cloud

Mia&D Singapore with Shtager Gallery (solo show), Singapore, 2014

Witness Your World: Extracts from our picture & message culture

At The Gallery (solo show), Antwerp (BE), 2014

Witness Your World for Mumiy Troll – part 3

Lazarev Foundation (solo show), Saint Petersburg (RU), 2013

Witness your World for Mumiy Troll – part 2

MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art (solo show), Moscow (RU), 2013

Windows to the World

Guy Pieters Gallery (solo show), Saint-Paul de Vence (FR), 2013

Witness your World for Mumiy Troll – part 1

ArtEtazh Museum of Modern Art (solo show), Vladivostok (RU), 2013

A Neverending Mess

Art Labor Gallery with Douglas Coupland, Chen Hangfen, Wang Qing, … (group show), Shanghai (CN), 2012

Portraitures of Accidental Human Relationships

acb Galeria (solo show), Budapest (HUN), 2012

This could be your show!

ShContemporary (Hot Spot), Shanghai (CN), 2011

The best of 5 Years Art Labor

Art Labor Gallery: with Koen Vanmechelen, Per Adolfson, Lu Yang, Ying Yefu, Xing Xin, … (group show), Shanghai (CN), 2011

Symbiotic Cloud Intelligence: BDRTists

Art Beijing (solo show), Beijing (CN), 2011

How to be a Successful Contemporary Artist from A to Z

Art Labor Gallery (solo show), Shanghai (CN), 2011

Lernaean Strouthion: extraction from Axel King

Jing An International Sculpture Park Exhibition / WORLD EXPO: with Gao Brothers, Chen Wenling, Jan Fabre, Wim Delvoye, Jaume Plensa, …  (group show), Shanghai (CN), 2010

Outsourced painting production from Dafen

Don Gallery (group show), Shanghai (CN), 2010

The user as creativity source

W3 Art Center (solo show), Vlissingen (NL), 2008

Update II: New Media Art Award: Axel King

Liedts-Meesen Foundation: curated by Peter Weibel of ZKM Karlsruhe (group show), Ghent (BE), 2008

Artmann paintings by Gorki frontman, Luc De Vos

Artmann Gallery, Ghent (BE), 2006

Artmann Painting Collection

Artmann Gallery, Ghent (BE), 2005

MySpace User Portraits

VanRam Gallery (solo show), Ghent (BE), 2004

Carte Blanche

CIAC – Centre International d’Art Contemporain (solo show), Carros (FR), 2002


Rodenbach Fund Award 2008 nomination / Jury with Jan Hoet, Willem Elias and Stephan Vanfleteren

New Technological Art Award 2008 nomination, Liedts-Meesen Foundation Jury with Peter Weibel, Stef Van Bellingen, Philip Van Cauteren and Dirk De Wit

Tech Art Prize 2007 Finalist with Honorable mention

WARP 2006 selection / Jury with Stef Van Bellingen, Sven Vanderstichelen, …



Ian Wallace writes in his essay What Is Post-Internet Art? Understanding the Revolutionary New Art Movement (*)that “Net Art refers to art that uses the Internet as its medium and cannot be experienced any other way. Post-Internet art makes the leap from the screen into brick-and-mortar galleries.”

Since the Myspace Portraits series in 2003, it could be stated that our practice would have fit in what post-internet art is about: our net-generated art has never been stuck on the screen and systematically made the leap into the tangible world.

Secondly, Ben Davis declares in his writing Social Media Art in the Expanded Field that The only thing that would be social media art in the full and genuine sense would be a social networking service actually designed as an art project, which would raise all sorts of questions.”

The Witness Your World platform – developed since 2006, first as Axel King then as BDRTist – is a project that would qualify for this statement.

Our art is not created with the purpose to be included in or accepted by artists, curators or critics. However, to prevent others to pigeonhole our practice in a movement we don’t feel comfortable with, we would rather opt for Social Media Art over Post-Internet .