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Les Oiseaux se cachent pour mourir

Centre Pompidou – 17/07/2015 – 16h

The performance will be followed by the launch of THE DANCE OF THE HORNED, a publication around my show in Milan at Spazioborgogno in 2014 with T&D, the designers and Julia Geerlings, the interviewer. A brief performance about pigeon racing and labyrinths. The last version of THE THORN BIRDS with the help of Jennifer Decker, actress from la Comédie Française & Bernard Boucher, regional president of the Franch Pigeon Fanciers bond.


devenir un homme

Centre Pompidou – 18/07/2015 – 18h30

EGdB’s performance: KEKETOUNE (how to become a man) is part of a series of works which take traditional games as a point of departure. Inspired by his rugby practice, he attempts to make an anthology of gestures with his former rugby team mates of the Garches/Vaucresson rugby club on a board game at the crossroads of a dance partition, a chess board and a rugby field.