Wouter Klein Velderman Masking wood

Wouter Klein Velderman

Masking wood (2013)

PVC-fabric, Norway spruce (pine tree)

Time has put its mark on everything around us: architecture, technique, fashion… In the forest there are none of these, so therefor also no trace of time. A few people may recognize an immigrant oak, which is only recently brought to the Netherlands, or can tell by looking at another hiker in which time we live. But overall you could fancy yourself in a vacuum of timelessness.

In this vacuum Wouter Klein Velderman presents a spatial photograph – a sculpture that acts as a photo – and shows a moment in the past.

A life-size church tower was sewed from PVC-fabric. A crane lifted the soft tower over the pine tree, so the tower would stay upright. The form that the tree would give to the tower would be final. Therefor we could say that the tree is not only the sculpture but also the sculptor.

This project is a collaboration between bkkc, De Fabriek and Staatsbosbeheer and was part of Landkunst 2013